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Memphis didn't used to have a raccoon problem. Back before the 1980's, raccoons were rare in Memphis and lived in the more remote or undeveloped regions of Tennessee. But then they suddenly became more used to urban and suburban neighborhood settings, and are now found throughout Memphis. While they are more urban animals, like rats or squirrels, we still regard them as special and talented animals, worthy of respect and humane treatment. We specialize in wild animals only, not pest insects, and we never use poison. We want to help you solve your raccoon problem, but we don't want to kill these animals! Call us at 901-244-2593 to discuss your raccoon issue.

When you start hearing scurrying within your home, it could indicate that a critter has broken into your home. Keeping out for signs that there may be a critter in the property will let you keep the situation from getting any worse. The sooner the problem is detected, the sooner it can be dealt with. However, in some cases, it's a little too late. They may cause major trouble when the infestation grows further. Our company offers raccoon removal services at an affordable cost. We aim to provide a wildlife control service of high quality while keeping our prices charged at friendlier rates. Our team makes use of techniques and devices to further increase the efficiency of their work. They are licensed and skilled with their years of experience with wildlife control. We conduct other processes before and after the removal to truly bring effective results. This includes a thorough inspection to search for entry points and nests within the property. We also offer professional-grade home repairs on the damages caused by the critters to ensure critters stay out of the property for good. Although our team uses a variety of methods, we take pride in making sure to keep the exclusion process humane from start to finish. The severity of the infestation also varies for every customer. Our phone staff pays close attention to the details of the case and treats each problem with equal importance. We can either provide you with a walkthrough of the process, or guide you through solving the problem on your own in the event that it can be solved easily! Our lines are open 24 hours a day which allow us to be open to emergency critter removal cases. Fast service is also provided wherein customers can conveniently schedule their appointments on the same day or for the next day. Get in touch with us to get an estimate over the phone or for any further questions and concerns about our services.